Chronic Pain is classified as pain that has been present for longer than three (3) to six (6) months without cessation. Chronic Pain seems to be caused by dysfunction of the nervous system and is called neuropathic pain, or often referred to as neuropathy.” This condition, simply put, means “that the nerve is not functioning or operating correctly, resulting in the nerve becoming supersensitive and causing it to act abnormally.

Neuropathic Pain Syndrome often include, but are not limited to, conditions resulting in back and neck pains; headaches, both “normal” and migraine; sprains and strains; repetitive injury syndromes; and many other neurological conditions which affect our daily life. If allowed to go untreated, or ineffectively or under treated, these conditions can become life changing… usually in a very negative manner.

Medications and surgery often have produced a less than desirable to poor track record in treating these chronic conditions.

How can Chronic Pain conditions be treated effectively?

Many chronic pain syndromes respond to effective stimulation of the underlying pain condition by releasing muscle spasm and muscle contraction. Among the most effective sources of beneficial stimulation are Chiropractic Manipulation and Acupuncture treatments.

Why are Acupuncture and Chiropractic more effective than medications and surgery?

Both Chiropractic Manipulations and Acupuncture treatments reduce muscle spasm and contraction, thereby decreasing heightened sensitivity of the neural pathways and causing natural pain relievers, called “endorphins,” thereby providing a natural, non-toxic pain relief.

Acupuncture Treatment

The insertion of an acupuncture needle into an acupuncture point, or a trigger or motor point, causes the release of natural pain relievers called ENDORPHINS. The release of these natural pain relievers can provide lasting pain relief.

Acupuncture points have a close nerve correlation to the body. It has been determined that both motor and trigger points (these are points in the muscle that have large bundles of nerve endings very near to the surface of the skin) are often at the same location of known Acupuncture points. Indeed, Seventy percent (70%) of all motor points are Acupuncture points or located very close to them. Stimulation of such points causes the release of the body’s natural pain relieving opiates within the body, which are known as endorphins. When these natural opiates/endorphins are released by natural stimuli such as Acupuncture or Chiropractic manipulation, these natural pain relievers circulate throughout the body assisting in pain relief and accelerating the body’s natural healing process.

Unlike pharmaceutical medications, which often can become addictive, naturally released opiates/endorphins are not addictive, but are the body’s natural way of treating Chronic Pain by reducing it, or in many cases, controlling the Chronic Pain. Too often, pharmaceutical medications, which do not occur naturally in the body, actually inhibit or prevent the naturally-formed opiates/endorphins from being released; thus resulting in a condition called “break-through pain syndrome. As the “outside” pain medication “wears off” or you become more tolerant of its impact upon your pain, your pain becomes more intense and the medications become less effective. Consequently, you are inclined to increase your usage of pharmaceutical medications, or increase the strength of them, which all too frequently can lead to either addiction or other health issues from prolonged usage. Use of the body’s natural pain relievers is not only safer, but often is actually much more effective in the long run.